Your intelligent mobile vaccination record.

Even a small vaccination delay affects the protective immunity that vaccines provide, leaving your child at risk.

The FirstStep app helps you take care of one of your biggest responsibilities as a new parent - timely and complete immunization. With the FirstStep app, you get access to the most comprehensive immunization plan in your country. With personalized due dates, an intelligent tracking system and reminders, you will not forget important vaccination dates. If you must reschedule, FirstStep will re-calibrate the plan to account for delays, while making sure that you don't cross the recommended delay window.

Your child`s updated immunizations record, with the actual dates of vaccination, are synced to your private account on the cloud. So, you can ensure that you have your child`s records for life. We will be adding more features soon to help you manage and keep track of your baby's health and wellness.

FirstStep is a product of Wayu Health Pvt. Ltd.

Note: Vaccination plan and delays are based on schedules and recommendations by the Indian Academy of Paediatrics, WHO and the Universal Immunization Program by the Government of India.

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